Chapter 2: Programming Languages

Anatoly Volkhover

The choice of programming language isn’t obvious, and shall not be taken lightly. Consider strong static typing, support of interfaces, isomorphism, OOP vs FP capabilities, readability, third-party support, and the cost of hiring.

  • Boris Fain says:

    Due to 20 years experience as a senior engineer and an software architect , I could say that it’s very easy, You probably mean the ecosystem choice which one is more complicate and need very high programming level.

    • anatoly says:

      It might seem easy, and yet many companies I worked with (and know of) made terrible language choices;). The programming language is one of the foundational choices made very early in the project, and the one that cannot be undone. You are correct in saying that the language drags the entire ecosystem with it (or the lack of thereof).

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